Theresa Kolpakova

Theresa is an educator with a focus on ecology and conservation-based education in Boston, MA. 

As a humane educator and former wildlife rehabilitator, she has been designing and leading adult and elementary classroom environmental conservation programs and workshops since 2002 for national and local organizations throughout the United States, as well as in South America. 

To further her understanding of engaging people on how to become an active part of their environment, she completed her Master of Arts degree in Education in 2010, with an additional focus on community arts and the study of cultural perspectives through music, dance, and literature.

Since 2008, Theresa has been teaching Latin dance classes as a way to bring people of varying backgrounds and abilities together to express and explore the vibrancy of culture through music.

As a partner in bringing Running Treks Adventures to people worldwide, Theresa is excited to share her love for nature, hiking, yoga, travel, and encouraging cultural awareness through immersion in diverse landscapes and communities.