Oaxaca 2015 - Photo Gallery

Day 1

AM: Meeting at Casa Murguia in Oaxaca center

PM: Short nature hike around Rancho Pitaya

At Rancho Pitaya - Our Dining Room

Our host, Mary Jane, shows the lay of the land

Casa Murguia Courtyard

Hiking in the cacti forest around Rancho Pitaya  

Day 2

AM: Dainzu Ruins Archeological Site and Hike through the Central valley of Oaxaca

PM: Relax and Do Yoga

Same valley from the other side. We are just about to cross it. 6.5 miles. 

Rest & shade stop, passing through a small village of Tlacochahuaya in the valley.

Hiking through the valley.

Chill-time afternoon.

Day 3

AM: Horseback Ride through the hills with Mary Jane

PM: Visit Oaxaca Center

Saddling up in the morning.

Valley view on horseback.

Day 4 - Sierra Norte Day 1

Our small group with our guide and local naturalist Sonya, before the long hike.

Cacti and agaves meet pine and Douglas Fir.

Sonya explaining the meaning of century plants, agaves.

Spanish moss, bromeliads, orchids, and other tropical plants become more common as we lose elevation.

The forest attains an eerie mystical quality with palpable moisture hanging in thick air, and Spanish moss hanging off the trees. 

The village of Cuajimoloyas at 10,500 feet. It's about 45 degrees and windy.

Cuajimoloyas - one of the largest villages in Sierra Norte.

Best hiking surface - soft pine needles. 

Descending from 10,500 to 8,000 into the more humid Cloud Forest.

Rest stop, and meet Carlos, our next guide (in yellow).

Fresh-caught trout, squash soup, and freshly made tortillas at a tiny trout farm.

Finally, arriving at the cabins for the night. Latuvi is at 7,700 feet. 

Day 5 - Sierra Norte Day 2

Down the hill and along a river, 14km. 

We hike along the pre-Hispanic Camino Real trading route.

The road to Lachatao, our next village.

Dry moss covers most trees on this part of the trail.

Lachatao in the distance looks like a Mediterranean village sitting around a hillside. 

Day 6 - Sierra Norte Day 3

Our cabins in Lachatao, 10 minute walk from the village.

Basketball warm up.

The view from our cafe.

Hiking up to Cerro del Jaguar, the Hill of the Jaguar, with Oscar who discovered this important archeological site of the Zapotec. 

Oscar, a yogi and visionary, spent 20 years looking for this site. He found it 7 years ago.  

Oscar explains the significance of the site, its positioning and layout.

Oscar instructs each one of us to hang back off the cliff to empty the mind and be present. 

Day 7

AM: Teotitlan - the Rug Weavers' village

PM: El Tule - Handcraft markets

The largest tree in the world, by mass, a 2000-year old cypress tree in El Tule.