Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to run? How fast are we going to run?

Running is completely optional. Many previous participants chose to hike or sleep in instead.

Safety is our priority. We don't want anyone to get injured. You don't have to run every day during the trip unless you want to. We will take rest days with hiking, yoga, and stretching. Not all participants will be experienced runners; there may be beginners too. Our pace and distance will depend on the participants and the needs of the group. In general, we will go for easy runs with occasional stops for picture taking and enjoying the scenery.

What if I get injured? 

There is a slight chance of getting injured. Every participant must be realistic about their fitness and ability and know when to call it a day to avoid injury. Your guide is trained to recognize an on-coming injury and will offer advice on avoiding it. If you do get a running injury, we recommend that you skip the daily runs. You can hike instead if hiking does not make the injury worse. Please note that there will be no refunds of the program once you are on retreat.

What is the medical/emergency procedure if I become ill or injured during the trip?

Check with your current health insurance in advance to discuss options of your international medical/emergency coverage. Additionally, our Hosts will have access to health care and hospital care if necessary. Since local pharmacies may not carry the types of over-the-counter or prescription medications that you require, please make sure to bring those along with you in case you need them.

Do you provide Travel Insurance?

No. Running Treks is not providing individual Travel Insurance. It is recommended but not required for you to get one before your trip.

Do I need to bring my Passport? Do I need to get a visa? 

Yes, all participants must have a valid Passport. Passport is considered to be the main international travel document and the ultimate form of identification (from any country). If you do not have a passport yet (as a US or Canadian Citizen), you can get a Passport application from your local post office branch. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery when using regular service. You can expedite it by paying a slightly higher application fee. 

There is no visa requirements for US and Canadian citizens to go to Europe or Mexico (where Running Treks tours are currently run). However, if you are a citizen of another country, please check if you need a visa to the country of our destination. 

Is it best to bring cash or traveler’s checks?

We will have several opportunities to explore markets, cities, and other areas where you may want to purchase food, clothing, souvenirs, or other items. Generally, for local purchases made in rural villages/small-town markets, it is good to have cash in the form of the country’s currency, which can be exchanged at the airport upon your arrival. 

We recommend bringing no more than $500 in cash and suggest using your personal judgment on how much additional money you think you’ll need in traveler’s checks or personal credit cards.

To prevent your bank from freezing an account for fraud protection while you are abroad, it is a good idea to notify your bank of your travel dates and destinations outside of the U.S. to ensure that your credit card/accounts will be easily accessible to you.

How much free time will I have to explore the area on my own?

We will have a daily itinerary that will also allow for pockets of free time to relax or participate in additional excursions apart from the group.  However, if you do wish to explore the area at length on your own, we suggest that you arrange your travel to arrive in advance of or remain in the area after the designated tour dates. We are happy to give suggestions on where to stay and places of interest before and/or after your Running Treks group adventure.

I have special dietary restrictions.  How can I make sure that my food is prepared accordingly?

Please let us know when filling out your Registration Form what types of dietary preferences and/or restrictions you have so that we can inform our Hosts well in advance of our arrival.  Examples would include vegetarian/vegan diet, gluten-free/nut-free diet, or any other allergies/diets that may require you to eat foods that differ from the typical fare served in this region.  Please note however that if you simply would like to be sure we have your favorite ice cream on hand, such requests may not be possible!  Keeping an open mind and trying new foods is part of discovering the vibrancy of the culture you will soon be immersed in.  

What types of clothing should I bring?  Will I be able to do laundry?

It is a good idea to refer to your Suggested Packing List (emailed upon Registration), which takes into account the climate and season of the area that we will be heading into, as well as the type of activities that we will be participating in together.  Always consider your own comfort level too, of course, and bring along items that will make you feel warm/cool enough.  Due to transportation availability/cost as well as group time concerns, we will not be able to make special trips to purchase items forgotten at home (jackets, shorts, etc.), so be sure to double check that you’ve got the essentials with you before heading to the airport. 

Our Hosts have laundry on-site.  Keep in mind that it is a good idea for you to bring items for daily running adventures that you don’t mind getting dirty or that are made from materials that will dry quickly in the case that they do need to be hand-washed and air-dried.

Will I be able to use my phone to call home or outside of the country?

Check with your cell phone provider to learn about roaming and other charges if using your phone internationally. You may need to purchase an international calling plan for the duration of the trip.  There will be internet access at our host's lodge. 

What if my retreat is canceled? 

In the unlikely event of your retreat's cancellation, you will be refunded your payment in full. Alternately, you may choose to apply your payment to another Running Treks retreat at no additional cost to you.