Travel with Purpose. Be Daring. Trek Off The Beaten Path.

Running Treks is an adventure travel company that combines outdoor fitness and cultural immersion.

You do not need to be a runner to enjoy a trip with Running Treks. We explore each destination with many physical activities - hiking, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, yoga, rock climbing, and trail running.

You will notice that each destination contains a special Objective described in the trip's Highlights: a purpose, to discover something new, to learn and grow, and to contribute to others in meaningful ways.

The Objective of each trip is to be daring, to step outside of your normal routine and your comfort zone.

As Helen Keller once said: "Life is a daring adventure, or nothing."  Running Treks strives to create the experience of a daring adventure on all of our trips, to make each trip unique and memorable to all participants.

Every Running Treks trip includes:

  • Outdoor adventures
  • Yoga practice
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Meeting local running community
  • Cultural exploration
  • Healthy food
  • Running coaching (injury prevention, efficient bio-mechanics, customized running programs)

Upcoming Trips:

Portugal Running and Yoga Retreat - August 12-20, 2017

Oaxaca Yoga and Trekking Retreat - December 2-9, 2017

News & Latest Retreats

Photo Gallery of Puerto Rico February 2015 Trip

February 8, 2015 -- After finishing San Blas Half Marathon in Coamo, Puerto Rico - one of the hardest races I've ever run. Heartbreak Hill has nothing on the hills (mountains) here. Most of our Running Treks participants agreed that this Half was harder than most Full marathons they have run, mostly due to the heat, humidity, and very long steep hills. 
It was also amazing to be lined up so close to elite Kenyan runners in this international race of 1000 runners. Kenyan runners took 6 or 7 first places .. as to be expected .. with a winning time of 1:04:13. The town of Coamo hosts the largest party of the year on this same day - 250,000 spectators were there to see a motorbike show and our Half Marathon. The whole place pulsed with music all day.

Here's a link to the San Blas Half Marathon results.

Running Treks is featured in Travelage West

Photo Gallery of March 2015 Oaxaca Trip

March 7, 2015 -- Hiking in Bromeliad Cloud Forest in Sierra Norte in Oaxaca.

March 6, 2015. Dainzu ruins overlooking the vast valley near Oaxaca. How is this for a long trail run?

Stories and Photos from Stowe, VT 2014

Photo Gallery from Puerto Rico Retreat 2014

Enjoying local cocos after a beach run

At the Waterfall

Running group organizers, coaches, and yoga instructors: We may be able to use your expertise on our Retreats. Please check out our Affiliate Program.